Vincent Rubino, 70

With great sadness, we announce the death of Vincent Rubino of Riverside, Connecticut. He was 70 years old. Born in Newark, New Jersey, Vincent graduated from Niagara University in 1973 and received an MBA from Fordham University in 1987.

Vince had a long and highly successful career as a retirement actuary, human resources consultant, and client relationship director stretching over 40 years. He was a principal at A.S. Hansen, a managing director and principal at Mercer, and an executive account director at Willis Towers Watson. His coworkers recalled Vince as “the person everyone wanted to listen to.” Many wrote about his client relationships that were strong and enduring, built on openness, trust, and integrity. They added how they admired his calm under pressure and enjoyed his one-liners and his dry wit. “He really was one of the very best — in every way. I counted on his advice, input, equanimity and good humor.”

Vin lived a peaceful and content life, married Marie Rubino (née Megaw) in 1983 and moved to Riverside, a section of Greenwich, where they spent nearly 39 years raising their three sons, Peter, David, and Stephen. Vin enjoyed kayaking, biking, playing guitar, and learning about the world as an avid reader and self-taught Chinese speaker. His happiness was marred only by the death of his 33 year old son Peter, in January 2021, but Vin found comfort in the family’s closeness. In the rare moments when he talked about Peter’s passing, he displayed a sense of quiet introspection and hints of acceptance.

Vin will be remembered for many things – his humor, positive attitude, and strong intellect. His steadfastness stands out most of all. Vin was an excellent father, husband, and trusted advisor. He is survived by his wife Marie, his two sons David and Stephen, his sister Fran Tosti and brother Frank, and extensive family members. He leaves behind a large network of friends and coworkers who carry on his memory. A memorial service will be held later this spring.