Toner: Among BET Candidates, Tarkington Stands Out

Letter to the editor submitted by Selectman John Toner, Aug 25, 2017

Town of Greenwich registered Republicans have a unique election occurring on September 12, a primary for the slate for the Republican ticket for the Board of Estimate and Taxation (BET).  Such a primary has not occurred in years, offering voters a choice for this very powerful finance board.

Standing for election are seven highly educated, highly experienced and highly qualified individuals who are seeking six positions on the BET.  However, one candidate stands out:  Leslie Tarkington.

Leslie has served for almost 12 years on the BET.  She has held Board positions as Chairman of the Law Committee, Chairman of the Human Resources Committee, and  has been  a member of the Budget and Audit Committees.  She acted as  liaison to the Assessor’s Office and the Greenwich High School Performing Arts Center Building Committee.

She has also served on the Board of Directors of the Nathaniel Witherell and its Building Committee.

I urge my fellow Republicans to participate in this primary and to return Leslie to the Board of Estimation and Taxation.  She has worked tirelessly and relentlessly these past 12 years for the citizens of the Town of Greenwich to keep taxes reasonable, projects on schedule, lawsuits within reason, and real estate valuations fair and equitable.

Please vote on September 12th.

John F. Toner

Editor’s Note: This election season, Greenwich Free Press, announces a change in policy on letters to the editor. We will no longer be able to publish every letter to the editor recommending a candidate that we receive. Based on the volume of letters received during previous elections, it is simply not possible.

The deadline to submit a letter to the editor for the Nov 7, 2017 election is October 30, 2017.