Douglas Michael Cram, 76

Douglas Michael Cram of Old Greenwich, Connecticut, died suddenly on Monday, December 30, 2019.

A loving husband to Carol Schnur, whom he married in 1968, father, grandfather, uncle, and friend, he was deeply cherished by all who knew him.

Doug was born on March 28, 1943, to Leo and Yetta Cram of Minneapolis, the second of five children. A graduate of the University of Minnesota, he received his law degree from Harvard University in 1968. In 1969, he and Carol moved to Greenwich. He worked for several years at Chestnutt Corporation before going to work for PepsiCo where he spent the next twenty-five years, retiring as Assistant General Counsel. His last brief career was as a school bus driver. In 1999, he and Carol moved to Old Greenwich and built a house where he could enjoy his beloved sunsets on the water.

Doug was the proudest of fathers and grandfathers. His three children, Peter (Margie), Jeremy (Bonnie) and Amy Klein (Eric) and his eight grandchildren, Nolan, Elliot, Lindsey, David, Alex, Hilary, Greg and Freddy, were the joys of his life.

He never lost his childlike wonder of even the smallest things. He was happiest in the company of children and would often be seen at any construction site, asphalt paving, or town project with grandchildren in tow. Train rides to New York City were a special treat with GrandDoug as were adventures as simple as a trip to Westchester County Airport to watch the planes take off and land.

He also cared for other children, making sure that one side of his driveway remained unplowed so that the children in his neighborhood could sled down the hill.

As much as Old Greenwich was his home, Doug also loved his time with family and friends at the family’s farmhouse in Londonderry, Vermont. There he skied, both downhill and cross country in winter, and enjoyed mowing his fields on his tractor and celebrating the Fourth of July there in summer. On frequent road trips to Vermont, Columbus, Toronto or elsewhere, he never missed a chance to stop at Dairy Queen.

Never a “big party” guy, Doug enjoyed intimate gatherings with his many friends, playing bridge, taking walks at the beach, and walking to town. For someone who claimed to have limited social skills, he had more friends than imaginable.

Doug was witty, funny, stubborn, even slightly eccentric at times. He could not stand injustice and would take issues to small claims court rather than give in to easy solutions. He loved his country and knew how fortunate he was to have been born in a land of freedom and opportunity.

He is survived, in addition to his wife, children and grandchildren, by his siblings Marcie Goelman (Don), Ken (Janis), Stan (Pat), Carol’s brother David Schnur (Kicki), and was predeceased by his sister Judy (Ron).
Doug will be sorely missed by all those lucky enough to have known him.

There will be a memorial service for him in the late spring.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Kids in Crisis or the Perrot Library.