Town Settles Lawsuit with Driver Hit by Town Dump Truck

On Friday morning, following the last meeting of the 2013-2015 Board of Selectmen, and an executive session to discuss pending litigation, Peter Tesei announced a legal settlement between the town and a man who was hit by a town dump truck in 2013.

The crash occurred on March 8, 2013 at the intersection of Overlook Drive and East Putnam Ave after a car that was hit by a town dump truck that ran a red light.

The operator of the car that was hit, Michael London, alleged that after the traffic light turned green he proceeded to make a left onto E Putnam Ave when he was hit by the dump truck operated by Mr. Carter who was headed east on East Putnam.

Mr. Carter acknowledged that he was extremely fatigued at the time of the incident. It is his position that the road was icy and he was not speeding, witnesses said that the Mr. Carter went through the red light without slowing down.

The plaintiff suffered injuries from the accident including a concussion, chest pain, leg pain and headaches. He was treated at Stamford Hospital and then came under the care of Western Connecticut Medical Group.

The plaintiff’s initial demand for a settlement was $395,000. After a pre-trial conference, a judge recommended a settlement of $210,000. After further negotiation the plaintiff indicated he would agree to a settlement of $200,000.

The Board of Selectmen voted unanimously on Friday to approve the $200,000 settlement.

Mr. Tesei after announcing the settlement said that two property damage law suits were previously settled by State Farm and CL&P.



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