State Reps Floren and Camillo Receive 2019-2020 Committee Assignments

On Tuesday, State Representatives Livvy Floren (R-Greenwich, Stamford) and Fred Camillo (R-Greenwich) received their committee assignments for the 2019-2020 term.

Rep Floren will remain as Ranking Member of the Bonding Subcommittee, and will continue to serve on the Finance, Revenue & Bonding and Insurance & Real Estate Committees.

Rep. Camillo will stay on Commerce and will be joining the Public Safety and Veterans Committees.

Both legislators will resume their roles as Assistant Republican Leaders.

“Fixed costs – debt service payments, Medicaid and retirement benefits – constitute more than 50% of our $40 billion state budget,” Floren said. “My primary responsibility as Ranking Member of Bonding is to craft a bipartisan bill that remains under the $1.9 billion bond cap and funds needs, not wants, and must haves, not nice to haves. My priorities remain education, housing, and community and school-based health centers.”

“Having been involved with a lot of public safety legislation during my time at the Capitol, I am grateful to Rep Klarides for appointing me to be on this committee,” said Rep Camillo.

Camillo said he was also honored to sit on the Veterans Committee this session.

“Having worked on behalf of veteran causes in the past, I hope to continue to be a strong voice in support of the men and women who served us in the military,” he said. “Lastly, I am happy to be returning to the Commerce Committee – one of the most productive groups in the legislature.”

The General Assembly will convene in early January for a five-month session ending at midnight on June 5th, 2019. In odd-numbered years, legislators vote on a biennial state budget, which they must pass before they adjourn.