UPDATE: OG Sewer Project to Begin on Monday, Aug 16

Update: The Dept of Public Works announced the sewer line work in Old Greenwich will begin on Monday Aug 16, 2021

At Thursday’s Board of Selectmen meeting, Rich Feminella, the town’s Wastewater Division Manager of the Town’s Sewer Division, got approval for a continuation of the Old Greenwich Common Force Main rehabilitation project.

The proposed work involves replacement of approximately 4,000 ft of sanitary sewer force main on the east side of town.

Mr. Feminella said the force main receives sewer flow from the Old Greenwich pump station on West End Ave, and continues along Summit Ave to Oval Ave, and will connect to existing piece of force main at the exit of Riverside Train Station on Oval Ave.

The Old Greenwich pump station is the town’s largest sewer pump station.

The project is part of a consent decree administered by the Dept of Justice, US EPA, and CT DEEP.

“We are very pleased to report that this is the last segment required to be rehabilitated as part of that consent decree,” he said.

The work on the project will require a combination of periods of work where the town will be able to maintain alternating two way traffic in one lane of the road through the use of Greenwich Police detail, combined with periods of temporary daytime (Monday through Friday, 7:00am to 4:00pm) full road closures and detours.

The project is divided into six work zones.

Work Zone 1 is between Lake Drive and intersection with Terrace Ave.

Mr. Feminella said that with the Selectmen’s approval, the contractor was ready to start as early as Friday Aug 13 and would take between three and four weeks, depending on weather and and other unforeseen conditions. The detour would be includes using Terrace Ave and Riverside Rd to Riverside Ave and around.

Work Zone 2 is also on Oval Ave. It will run between Terrace Ave and Summit, and was anticipated to start at the end of August or early September, and would likely be a 3-4 week duration.

Work Zone 3 is on Summit, between Oval and Spruce Street #2, and would start approximately in mid to late September start, and is estimated to take 3-4 weeks to complete.

Work Zones 4-5 would involve alternating two-way traffic through one lane with the aid of the police detail.

Work Zone 6 is at the intersection of Summit, West End Ave and Arch St, near the Railroad bridge. Without unforeseen conditions, that would commence some time in October, and take 3-4 weeks to complete.

Mr. Feminella said his department had been in communication with the Fire Dept and Marshal’s office about detours and there was a game plan in place. As the work coincides with the start of the school year, Mr. Feminella said his department was in contact with the Board of Education.

Ms Oberlander, the Selectperson, asked what communication there had been with residents. Mr. Feminella said flyers were distributed to residents along the route in June. It was also posted on the town website, and was communicated to the Riverside Association.

Feminella said DPW PR person Renee Wallace would put the information out via social media and updates would go out via the First Selectman’s Friday newsletter and on the DPW website.

Ms Oberlander said while notices were sent in June, approving work the day before a start date was inadequate. Selectwoman Lauren Rabin agreed.

Nevertheless, the board voted unanimously to approve the road closure and detour request for the Old Greenwich Common Force Main Segment 3.