Rep. Camillo Testifies in Support of his Bill Concerning Liability for Fallen Trees & Limbs

State Representative Fred Camillo (R-151) testified before the Judiciary Committee on Wednesday in support of his bill, H.B. 7188, An Act Concerning a Property Owner’s Liability for the Expenses of Removing a Fallen Tree or Limb.

“This is an improved version of a bill I first introduced in 2014, which made it all the way to Gov. Malloy’s desk only to get vetoed,” Rep Camillo said. “Fallen trees or tree limbs can cause considerable damage to a person’s real property. This bill would place liability on the owner of the property from which the tree or limb originated provided certain conditions are met. This bill has received statewide attention from home owners, tree conservation groups and state officials on both sides of the aisle.”

The bill states if an individual wishes to seek action against a neighbor with a diseased, dead or hazardous tree in their yard, the individual must hire a licensed arborist to inspect the tree(s) in question.

Additionally, the complainant must provide written notice to the property owner from which the tree or limb fell that such tree was diseased, decaying, or damaged and likely to fall within five years as determined by the arborist.

Finally, to be considered at fault, the real property owner must have failed to take action to address the tree issue follow written notice by the complainant detailing the arborist’s findings.

If the bill receives a favorable report from the Judiciary Committee, it will be placed on the House calendar.