Record Numbers Register to Vote in Connecticut

your vote countsSecretary of State Denise Merrill announced on Friday that with just days left to register, Connecticut crossed the 2.1 million threshold and set a new record for the number of people registered to vote in the state.

As of Wednesday, Oct 26, Connecticut had 2,100,021 registered voters. This number exceeds the previous record of just over 2,097,000 reported on Nov 3, 2008.

The deadline to register to vote is Tuesday Nov. 1.

Merrill said that many factors pushed the number of registered voters to set a record high. She characterized online voter registration and the streamlined motor-voter system as “game-changers.”

Although Election Day registration is in effect on November the lines are anticipated to be long.

More than 36,000 people registered to vote through the state’s streamlined motor-voter system, which has been in operation since August. Another 170,000 people have registered online in 2016.

More information on registering to vote is available online at

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