Pedal Greenwich Poses 3 Questions to Selectmen and BET Candidates

Submitted by Pedal Greenwich

Local elections are upon us here in Greenwich, as are several debates, organized by the Greenwich League of Women Voters.

Candidates for office have published policy positions and neighbors have begun discussing issues that are relevant to their decision-making process on whom to vote for.

As an independent, non-partisan group of advocates for pedestrian and bike safety improvements, we at Pedal Greenwich have been doing the same.

A rusting, rarely-used, single bike rack sits exposed at a far corner of the Arch St. parking lot, 1000 ft. from the Greenwich MNR station, surrounded by high speed roads. Photo: Pedal Greenwich

We came up with three critical questions that should help any proponent of alternative transportation decide how to vote.

Now, the offices that hold the greatest power to green-light transit policies and projects which would make our town safer, friendlier and more connected are the Selectmen and our Board of Estimate and Taxation.

So we reached out to the people who have graciously offered to serve in those positions for the next term and asked them if they would answer them for all of us. If you encounter any candidates during the next few weeks, we suggest you ask similar questions as well.

Here is our list:

  1. Did you support the East-West bike study that was not funded last spring, and why or why not? What do we do now to address the lack of a bikeable route to cross town, like the Post Road provides for cars?
  2. Given the crippling congestion of our roads and the dire implications of climate change, what initiatives would you propose to increase the use of bicycles as a form of transportation?
  3. The town desperately needs more bike-friendly infrastructure. In the meantime, to what extent would you support an initiative that establishes safe bike routes using existing roads and paths that are signed and publicized in Greenwich?

We will not be making any endorsements, but will report back candidates’ answers to you here next week (and also let you know if any don’t respond, although we hope that won’t be the case.)

Let’s make sure the candidates know there’s a new urgency in Greenwich to move to policy and action as more families find it harder to get from home to school or work or to a park in a town that has so many wonderful places to be.

See (and sign!) our Open Letter for Election Season