Next for the Wrecking Ball: Single Family House in Byram R6 Zone

A single family house at 108 Henry Street in Byram is posted for demolition. The house was built in 1934.

The 1,152 sq ft sq ft house last sold from Kristine Becker to Margaret Price on Aug 12, 2021 for $480,000.

The waiting period for objections has long since passed (The 45 days expired on April 18, 2022).

It’s not likely another tiny two-bedroom house will replace the existing one. It is zoned R6 and two-family is allowed as-of-right.

What’s curious is whether this demolition signals a trend. To date there have been fewer demolitions in this part of town, which is mostly zoned R6, compared to downtown.

And if it becomes a trend, and single family homes in R6 zones in densely developed Byram are replaced with two-family homes, the tight supply of on-street parking will grow tighter.

While Port Chester is aggressively developing the area near their train station with multi story apartment buildings, Byram residents are complaining about cars with New York plates being parked on the street, sometimes for days or weeks.

Food for thought:

According to P&Z Greenwich has 2,841 properties in R6 zones.

Of those, 907 are still single family.

The 1153 sq ft single family home at 108 Henry Street is posted for demolition. It was built in 1934 and has just 2 bedrooms and one bath according to the Assessor’s office. Photo: Leslie Yager
Retaining wall being built behind a house at 108 Henry Street that is posted for demolition. Sept 14, 2022

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