Next for the Wrecking Ball: 1890 Single Family by Union Cemetery in Central Greenwich

An application has been submitted to the Dept of Public Works Buildings division to demolish a home at 34 Connecticut Avenue.

The single family home, in the R-6 zone is located in central Greenwich adjacent to Union Cemetery.

The house was built in 1890.

Because the home was built before 1940, a written letter of objection submitted to the Building Division of DPW will trigger an additional 45 day stay of demolition.

The home last sold from Cliffe Dwellings II LLC (registered to Barbara Hindman and Lisa Matthews) to Jonathan Winer on Dec 19, 2018 for $1,015,000.

The application came to the Building Department on Aug 13, so after the 45 day wait, the first day the demolition permit could be issued is on Oct 7 and the first day demolition can be scheduled is Oct 8, 2019.

34 Connecticut Avenue is on the corner of Lincoln Avenue in central Greenwich. Photo: Leslie Yager

Update on the demolition at Strickland Road: This week an objection to the demolition was submitted by the Historic District Commission, which triggers an additional 45 day wait.

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