Jim Cameron: Stop the Malloy Transit Land Grab: HB-6851 – KILL THE BILL on Monday

james cameronFellow Commuters…

A few weeks ago I wrote about Gov Malloy’s proposed “Transit Corridor Development Authority,” described by some as “eminent domain on steroids.”  If approved, it would create a quasi-government agency answerable to no one, with power to grab any land within a 1/2 mile of any train station to build whatever it wanted… high rise offices, condo’s, affordable housing. The TCDA could issue bonds, set rents and make money for more development.  Nothing in the bill speaks about improving mass transit or stations.

The bill has been toned down after an initial public reaction, but is still frightening in its power and scope.  Transit oriented development makes sense, but not when it’s shoved down towns and cities’ throats by Hartford.  You can read the bill by clicking here.  For an excellent Op-Ed on the bill click here.

The bill is up for a crucial hearing and vote Monday morning (April 27th) when the Transportation Committee meets at 10:30 am.  I’m hoping you will support the Commuter Action Group by killing the bill.

You can help by submitting testimony by e-mail: tratestimony@cga.ct.gov

You can also help by e-mailing all members of the Transportation Comm listed below and encouraging them to KILL THE BILL HB-6851.  Tell them you are a commuter, believe in home-rule and oppose this transit land-grab by the Malloy administration.

Thank you for your support!
Jim Cameron / Founder
Commuter Action Group