Greenwich Town Hall Parking Garage Repairs Are Underway

The Town Hall parking garage is undergoing repair. The work is a capital improvement project that has been in the works for a while and is now ready to begin.

According to the project information sheet:

The deterioration and repairs of the Town Hall Garage are categorized into spalling throughout the parking lot, moderate ceiling de-lamination and spalling, ceiling cross beam de-lamination, column and wall de-lamination with highest concentration on the perimeter wall due to extensive leaking from the levels above, localized de-lamination of the concrete stairs, concrete curb delamination, exterior brick deterioration, brick mortar joint cracking, deck coating deterioration, and waterproofing issues throughout the entire structure. Both engineering firms have determined that no life-safety conditions currently exist, but have advised that deferring maintenance will drastically increase costs and could lead to partial/full closure of the garage.

According to the Town’s Senior Management Analyst Blaize Levitan, the work is mostly routine repairs and preventative maintenance, in addition to bringing the structure up to ADA compliance and best practices.

The entire top level of the garage will be re-slopped to bring it into compliance with ADA.

According to the project information sheet, in 2018 the town engaged structural engineering firm WGI.

In 2019, after a competitive bid, the Town contracted with TimHaahs for engineering and design services. TimHaahs conducted an additional assessment and identified items, primarily regarding ADA, not originally included on the WGI reports. TimHaahs produced design and specification documents.

The work is expected to be completed in 3 phases, with phase 1 having started this past Monday.

Levitan said the work should not impact public parking as there is a limit to how many spaces can be removed at once, and Town vehicles are being moved out of the garage first when extra space is needed.

The total project costs are $1,320,000.