Greenwich Patch Editor to Become First Selectman’s Executive Assistant

Barbara Heins at the Tips for Kids event at Sundown Saloon, March 10, 2016

Barbara Heins at the Tips for Kids event at Sundown Saloon, March 10, 2016

First Selectman Peter Tesei has appointed Barbara Heins to be his Executive Assistant effective March 28, 2016.

Ms. Heins has edited Greenwich Patch since it was created five years ago. At Patch, she covered Town government, education, police & fire, business and human interest stories.

Ms. Heins has more than 35 years’ experience as a traditional newspaper and online journalist, and as a public relations consultant. She is a former night city editor and assignments editor of The Advocate of Stamford. She also served as the senior arts writer for Greenwich Time, responsible for coverage of Greenwich’s vibrant arts community. As a long-time Greenwich resident and journalist, Barbara possesses a wealth of experience, institutional knowledge and familiarity with Town governmental processes and diverse neighborhoods.

Ms. Heins will be responsible for supporting the First Selectman in the area of communications and as a liaison with internal and external constituents — including Town department heads as well as elected and appointed Town officials, and residents. In addition to growing the Town’s social media platform and communications program, she will also oversee the administration of the Office of the First Selectman.

She earned a BA in Journalism from St. Bonaventure University and an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts from Hudson Valley Community College.

The First Selectman’s Office conducted a national search for the Executive Assistant position. There were 31 applicants. Ms. Heins was the top finalist of five candidates who were interviewed.

  • Frank

    Tesei’s motto, “Keep your friend’s close but keep the local Editor of the website covering Town Hall closer” Kudos Peter!!

  • Allison Vera

    More relevant here – keep the local editor who never says anything negative about town hall closer.

  • Jodi Weisz

    Connecticut has just gained a huge score in the elevation of Ms. Barbara Heins as first assistant to our remarkable First Selectman, Peter Tesei.

    I see it happening. We are going to be the next Colorado, technology hub, business renaissance state, silicon valley of New England, without the folly and tax-obsessed ways of Massachusetts. Connecticut’s pro-business climate and culture will make our pudgy ways-be-gone! And, guess who will be one of the leaders of this New Connecticut? Barbara Heins!

    I am sending a big congratulations on her new post as First Assistant to the First Selectman.

    Because as one local PR person, I have been one of your consumers and admirers who has had the good pleasure of benefiting from your wake of lofty ethics and your exciting vision for our Town.

    Nobody has their finger on the pulse of Greenwich as a pro-business epi-center of magnanimous culture and community building.

  • Maggie Callahan

    A mouthpiece for the status quo. Not at all surprised that she would go to work for the guy whom her publication was supposed to be holding to account.

  • John White

    Do gooder reporting shielding PT + town hall paid off . Her articles lacked originality, she strayed from reporting real issues in Greenwich, regurgitated news from other sites, all traffic seems to have come from the Greenwich Police Department as news alerts + breaking news clogging up our inboxes. Pathetic. One has to wonder if she was promised the job in exchange from keeping away from the controversial news. Really the most qualified for the position or rewarded from writing on real issues?

    • Allison Vera

      You forgot the every other day warnings of “severe weather”!

  • SuburbanSkeptic

    I got a “Breaking News” alert for news that Leslie reported first, the Greenwich Time reported the next day, and Patch “broke” three days later.