Greenwich DTC Issues Proclamation Supporting National Popular Vote

The Greenwich Democratic Town Committee issued a proclamation on Thursday endorsing the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and calling on the CT General Assembly to pass House Bill 5421, An Act Adopting The Interstate Compact To Elect The President Of The United States By National Popular Vote.

The Compact is an agreement among states to elect the President according to the will of the majority in a manner consistent with the Constitution.

“It’s a nonpartisan solution to make everyone’s vote for president matter—regardless of whether they live in blue, red or battleground states—and to make the winner the candidate with the most votes,” the DTC said in a statement.

In calling on all four members of the Greenwich delegation to support H.B. 5421, Greenwich DTC chair Tony Turner said, “The National Popular Vote is an idea that has majority support among voters in Connecticut. We call on our state delegation to support the bill so that our votes for president will matter just as much as those cast in battleground states.”

According to the non-partisan organization Making Every Vote Count, 76% of Connecticut voters support the National Popular Vote, including 93% of Democrats, 55% of Republicans and 74% of independents.

Democrats in Greenwich have worked to generate grassroots support for the measure during both the 2018 and 2017 legislative sessions.

At present, 77 state legislators have co-sponsored the NPV bill, more than any time since it was first introduced in 2009. On April 12, H.B. 5421 was placed on the House Calendar, the next step in the process of bringing it to a vote before the General Assembly.

The Greenwich Democratic Town Committee (DTC) is the official organization in the Town of Greenwich, CT representing the Democratic Party. Greenwich. The DTC helps to elect Democrats representing Greenwich to federal, state and local office, influences Town priorities and policy, builds awareness of the causes, policies and values for which Democrats stand and works to expand the base of registered Democrats in Greenwich.