Greenwich Delegation Praises State Grants for Local Projects

In addition to these specific grants, the State Bond Commission today also approved $5 million for open space and land conservation grants to municipalities, nonprofit land conservation organizations, or other entities.

“Investing in land conservation, particularly in areas that directly impact our watershed, is smart environmental policy and smart economic policy,” said Senator Bergstein. “These investments in land conservation protect the natural resources which benefit and sustain our entire state.”

Connecticut has a conservation goal of protecting 673,210 acres or 21% of its total land area, as open space by the year 2023.  Half of this land is to be owned by the public in the form of state parks, forests, and wildlife areas. The other half is intended to be owned by towns, non-profit land conservation organizations, and water companies. 

As of June 30, 2019, the target for open space was 75.5% completed. Over 500,000 acres of land in Connecticut are now protected through the purchase of open space by the state and its land conservation partners.