Governor Lamont Announces Schools Canceled for Remainder of Academic Year

I cannot thank every teacher enough for what they do for our state.

I am thankful that the best teachers in the world are right here in Connecticut. We appreciate each of you.#ThankATeacher #TeacherDay2020 #SendTeachersLove

— Governor Ned Lamont (@GovNedLamont) May 5, 2020

Governor Ned Lamont announced on Tuesday morning that Connecticut schools will remain closed for the remainder of the academic year.

“Due to the ongoing pandemic, in-person classes at K-12 schools in Connecticut will remain canceled for the rest of the academic year,” Lamont Tweeted. “Given the circumstances, this is the best course of action for the safety of students, educators, and staff.”

For weeks the Governor had hinted that schools might not reopen this spring.

In a video the Governor Tweeted, he said, “Every week should be, ‘Send teachers love week.’ I think now more than ever, we miss you desperately. The kids miss you desperately, you miss them, you miss the classroom. I remember like yesterday what a difference a teacher makes.”

“I know you’re learning to teach in a different way,” he said in his message to teachers. “I know your kids are learning a new way, but we are counting the days until we get back in the classroom and are all together again.”

The Governor said he loved the caravans of cars going back and forth cheering on students.

“I cannot thank you enough for what you’re doing especially now at a time when your kids need you the most,” he said.

There is still the hope among many high school seniors and their families for some sort of graduation.

“Maybe there will be a nice senior graduation for all the kids in high school we’ll all be back late summer,” Lamont said Tuesday.

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