Connecticut DMV Reaches Milestone with More than One Million Transactions Online

Connecticut Dept of Motor Vehicles has reached a milestone, surpassing more than one million online customer transactions served since 2020, when it embarked on a modernization journey in an effort to provide more convenience to customers.

Governor Lamont has made it a priority to make more services at all state agencies available online, noting that this option will save residents time from visiting an office in person, as well as negating the need to fill out paper forms and sending them through the mail. The DMV is among the agencies that residents and businesses interact with most frequently, which is why it has been a particular focus of this effort.

“Nobody wants to spend hours sitting at the DMV waiting their turn to get to the counter and complete a transaction, which is why over the last several years we’ve launched many new features that allow you to get these tasks done online, at home, on your own time,” Governor Lamont said in a release. “More state services are now available online than ever before, including most routine DMV services. I strongly urge anyone who needs to conduct a DMV transaction to first go online and see if it can be completed from the convenience of your home – it will save you time and effort.”

Over the last several years, the DMV evaluated its service delivery model and diligently sought out new technology that would enable customers to complete their transactions remotely. Since this time, the DMV completely redesigned its website to make it easier to use, and it now offers the ability to conduct nearly 20 services online. Additionally, if a resident determines they need to visit an office in person, they can go online and make an appointment, saving them waiting time while in the office.

As a result of the agency’s digitization efforts, it has been able to meet customer demands, process transactions in a timely manner, and avoid service delays. Without these services, the agency could have faced a significant backlog. Based on its current appointment capacity, it would take the DMV approximately 222 days to process one million transactions in person.

“Residents expect convenient access to essential services,” DMV Commissioner Tony Guerrera said. “Rather than spending an afternoon at a DMV office renewing your driver’s license, I’d encourage you to spend that time exploring the fun things our state has to offer – from state parks to museums, Connecticut has it all.”

Most online DMV transactions can be completed in under ten minutes. Some of the most popular services it offers online include:

  • Renewing a driver’s license or non-driver ID
  • Requesting a duplicate driver’s license or non-driver ID
  • Renewing a vehicle registration
  • Renewing a vessel registration
  • Replacing a title
  • Reprinting a registration
  • Upgrading a learner’s permit to a driver’s license
  • Requesting your driving history

Commissioner Guerrera stressed that the DMV’s digitization efforts are ongoing and more online services will soon be added to those that the agency already offers.

By making more services available online, this is also saving time for those who need to visit an office in person to conduct a transaction. On average, most in-person DMV appointments are lasting less than 15 minutes.

The initiative to move more services online is being developed in collaboration with the digital services team at the Connecticut Department of Administrative Services (DAS).

“This milestone is a testament to cross-agency collaborations that improve agency services so residents have better access to simpler and easier to use state resources,” DAS Commissioner Michelle Gilman said. “Here at DAS, we continue to work with our partner agencies to develop digital services and an all-digital government that is people first and people focused.”

The DMV’s website is available at