Cellular “Monopine” Tower Proposed at Witherell Property to Address Dead Zone

At Thursday’s Selectmen meeting the board will have a second read of a proposed cell tower disguised as a tree on the north end of the the town-owned Nathaniel Witherell Nursing Home property on Parsonage Road.

The “monopine tower” would address a difficult area for cell service not only convenience of residents, but to address the public safety concerns.

The lack of cell service in this area of town has been an issue for decades.

Technically the request is for approval of a lease and referral for Municipal Improvement.

There would be room on the tower for Town antennas for public safety and volunteer organizations as well as four carriers, starting with AT&T at the top, at 124 ft level.

Each additional carrier would be spaced 10 feet apart descending down the tower.

There was discussion at the Sept 14 Selectmen meeting about how the look of the cell towers disguised to look like trees has improved from the original faux fir trees nicknamed “Franken-pines, like the ones along the Hutchinson River Parkway.

The town, as leasing entity, would maintain maximum control. That said, the regulatory process is substantial and the proposed tower would go before Greenwich’s Planning & Zoning Commission, the CT Siting Council which has permitting jurisdiction over towers, and the State Historic Preservation Office.

At the Sept 14 meeting, there was a proposal from Wireless Edge, a tower operator that specializes in government projects. They have projects in about 15 sates, and 95% of their projects are government property.

An alternate site (Site B) on the Animal Control site on North Street next to North Street School and the fire training facility was considered and rejected.

The towers more aesthetically appealing when there is a backdrop of trees, which is the case at the Witherell property.

The tower would be positioned inside a 75 x 75 and could be accessed by an existing path. Landscaping around the base is typically with Arborvitae or Pines.

Because the branches are dense, the pole can’t be climbed but rather accessed by bucket truck.

The proposed monopine cell tower would have dense branching and can accommodate five cell carriers in addition to town of Greenwich emergency services users.

Simulation of monopine without landscaping at the north end of the Nathaniel Witherell property.

Simulation of the look of the monopine cell tower from Parsonage Road.


Site A is proposed. Site B by Animal Control on North Street was rejected.  Map shows existing wireless coverage: The area that is white is most in need of coverage.

Map of coverage after tower is operational. The white areas (low coverage) will diminish.