Camillo: Violence in Washington, DC Is Disgraceful

First Selectman Fred Camillo Statement on Washington, DC Violence, Wednesday, Jan 6, 2021

One of the most honored traditions of our great Republic is the peaceful transition of power. What is transpiring today in our Nation’s Capitol is disgraceful and against everything good that this nation has stood for more than 244 years. 

Every American of all political stripes, backgrounds, and viewpoints must stand together in condemnation of this lawlessness and disrespect for our nation. There is NO excuse for what we are witnessing in Washington, DC, and there should be zero tolerance, nor should there be excuse making for those who are involved in actions that are creating a stain upon the image of the greatest nation on Earth. Our forefathers who wrote the foundation of our Democracy would most assuredly be appalled by this lack of respect. 

This degradation of Democracy needs to end now. The world is watching, and history is recording the actions of those in charge, and especially of those who remain silent. No nation can claim to be the world’s leading democracy when it can’t secure its own Capitol. 

We are better than this. We are a nation of laws. We are a country that has led by example. We are Americans. We must return to the moral compass of respect and bipartisanship that have made this country the global leader it is.