Application to P&Z Features 8-Unit Residential & Commercial Building with 1 “Workforce” Unit at 9 Glenville Street

An application for a Site Plan and Special Permit at 9 Glenville Street has been submitted to Greenwich Planning & Zoning.

The proposal went before P&Z back in October 2021 as a pre-application for feedback.

View from Glenville Street.
View from Angelus Drive.

The applicant, 9 Glenville Street LLC (Joseph Granitto and Nicholas Granitto, principals), proposes to demolish the existing garage and house on the property, and construct a mixed-use retail and residential building with eight units.

The existing Queen Anne style house dating back to 1858 and former service station would be demolished. The property, which is .4982 acres, belonged to Siegrun Pottgen, who sold it to 9 Glenville Street LLC on March 10, 2021 for $1,150,000.

The first floor of the proposed development would be dedicated to Use Group 8 uses and total 4,337.5 square feet.

The upper two floors would feature four apartments each, for a total of 12,427.2 square feet.

As part of providing a rooftop amenity, there’s also 159.2 square feet associated with the roof deck access.

Total square footage is 16,923.6 square feet,whereas the permitted is 17,809.5 square feet.

Ten underground parking spaces would be provided along with 24 surface parking spaces and two ADA spaces.

The application is being submitted under the revised Section 6–110 of the Building Zone Regulations and one of the units would be dedicated as a Moderate-Income Dwelling Unit.

Section 6-110 is a town regulation, not to be confused with the 8-30g state affordable housing statute. The qualifications for moderate or “workforce” housing are different in that the maximum income is higher.

Proposed roof plan.

Per the applicant’s narrative, extensive landscaping would be provided adjacent to Glenville Street and Angelus Drive, along with shade and ornamental trees in the parking area. Landscaping is also provided as part of the roof deck amenity.

The proposal went before P&Z back in October 2021 as a pre-application for feedback.

The commission noted the property is near the Glenville historic district, and said they was looking for consistency with the historic district and to preserve and enhance the village. The Glenville Historic District contains 57 resources, of which 51 contribute to its significance.

Also, the commission recommended the idea of adding a traffic light at the corner of Angelus Drive an Glenville Street be discussed with Dept of Public Works in relation to their Glenville corridor traffic project.

They also asked the applicant to maximize trees and landscaping.

An undated photo courtesy of the Greenwich Historical Society shows a traffic circle at the intersection of Riversville Rd and Glenville Street. The house at 9 Glenville Street is in background.
The house at 9 Glenville Street is on .49 acres in the LBR2 Zone. It has 5 bedrooms, an adjacent garage that was once Andy’s Filling station. Photo: Leslie Yager