Summer’s Winding Down. The Good News is Tax-Free Shopping Week.

CHILDREN'SConnecticut is one of 16 states offering a tax-free holiday this week for back-to-school clothing and footwear purchases. The state’s tax-free week begins this Sunday, August 16 and runs through Saturday, August 22.

There are no limits on how many items you can buy, so long as each individual item is priced at less than $100. However, there are some limitations on which clothing and footwear items are tax-free; special clothing or footwear primarily designed for athletic activity, such as team uniforms, cleats or protective equipment will not be exempt from the sales tax. For tax-free items that are on sale, so long as the reduced sales price is $99.99 or less, the item is tax-free.

You are also eligible with “buy one-get one free” offers, so long as the item’s price is below $100. Internet sales also qualify for the tax break.

The tax holiday begins Sunday, August 16th and runs through Saturday, August 22nd. The average family with children in grades K to 12, grade plans to spend $630 on electronics, apparel and other back to school items this year. The average college student or college family will spend $899 on back-to-college shopping.