Owner of Greenwich Place Seeks P&Z Blessing for Pool Complex Renovation

At Greenwich Place, a rental community on Western Jr Hwy where renters have complained about recent rent hikes, a pre-application has been submitted to P&Z to renovate the entire recreation complex.

The applicants require a site plan and special permit to renovate and expand the clubhouse, which dates back to 1975, and relocate the dated demolish a too-small swimming pool and construct a new pool.

They also seek to reconfigure the pool terrace, playground and add a playground and additional recreation spaces.

Greenwich Place is managed and maintained by LCOR Inc.

The property owner is Greenwich Place L/CAL LLC, with an address in Berwyn, PA.

The property is bordered on one side by the town Transfer Station and Western Middle School fields, on the other side by West Putnam Ave.

There are 266 apartments in 36 multi-family and garage buildings on the 22-acre property.

The applicant says the changes will better meet ADA standards in the pool area by providing an access ramp to the terrace.

The applicant has also submitted an application to the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Agency for a permit, and plan to file for review with ARC.

The proposal will require the relocation of both sewer and storm drain lines by the pool.

The sewer for a majority of the complex flows through a private sewer main located within the Town Transfer Station and Western Middle School where it discharges to the Town sewer tunnel.

The proposal is not yet scheduled on a Planning & Zoning Commission agenda.