How to Prevent Late Wedding Photos from Spoiling Your Magic Moments

How long is too long to wait for delivery of your wedding photos?

Wedding photographers have told the Better Business Bureau that two to three months is a typical time frame to get pictures to their clients.

That period can vary considerably, depending on the time of year the wedding is held, the photographers’ workload and their reputation for meeting or missing deadlines.

Some consumers, however, say it took several months and even a full year before they received their wedding photos, despite a promised deadline.

“This can be a couple’s nightmare,” said CT Better Business Bureau spokesman, Howard Schwartz.  “There are many reasons photo deliveries can be delayed. Still, newlyweds are understandably anxious to receive the photographs of their special day as stipulated in their contract with the photographer.”

How to avoid common problems with unreasonably overdue photograph delivery:

Obtain recent references – Ask clients who hired the photographer within the last year about their experience with a given photographer, the quality of their work and whether the photos were delivered as promised.
Research prospective photographers – Once you have narrowed your list of photo studios, obtain several bids and check their reputation at to see if consumers report a pattern of complaints that may include late delivery.
Carefully review the contract – Take time to read it and understand it, and if there’s something you’d like to change, look for flexibility on the part of the vendor.  You also will want to know whether the photographer will shoot the photos or give the job to an employee or outsourced to a contractor.
Ask about promises of an unusually short turn around – It may mean they don’t have many event shoots planned, or it could be a deceptive way of getting you in the door.  That’s why references and research are so important.
Keep on top of the process – As the delivery deadline approaches, call the photographer to make sure they will be on time. A reputable photographer should tell you whether their photographs will arrive late because of an unforeseen problem, and give a new delivery estimate.