GHS Student Employment Services Seeks Listings from Local Businesses and Employers

Despite all the wonderful support Student Employment Services has been getting from employers, SES has many more students looking for work than they have openings.
This school year they have listed over 1,300 jobs but it is not enough when there are on average 250 students seeking employment opportunities every month.
Do you have a posting to share with Student Employment Services?
They have over 4,000 registered Greenwich students at SES between the ages of 14 and 25 who are either working or actively looking for jobs.  Soon many students graduating from college will need  full time jobs, college students will be returning mid-May and  join the ranks of our high school students seeking a summer, part time and one shot positions. As a community, SES suggests we all do all we can to encourage them.
Many students have incredible skills and can help you in your business and home. Their interests range from child care and manual work (time to clean out that attic?) to tutoring, office and computer work and even high tech.  If you or your company is able to use their skills please list with SES. We take one- shot, part-time and full-time jobs.
If you have a job you’d like posted or would like to talk to us about what kinds of jobs are suitable for students, please get in touch with Student Employment Services:
  • Enter Your Job On-Line at
  • E-Mail Us at
  • Call our Office at 203-625-8008 We’re there on school days 11:30-2:00 pm. Holidays by appointment, and you can leave a message other times.
Thanks for supporting Student Employment Service and the students!Image