PopUp Bagels in Glenville – Not Famous, but Known

A new source for fresh bagels has opened in the heart of Glenville.

PopUp Bagels offers a unique concept: Order ahead for a specified pickup time.

Then walk, bike, drive or run to the window on the side of the building at 12 Riversville Rd.

No line. No waiting. No seating.

Word is traveling fast that PopUp Bagels are extraordinary. Hence their tagline: Not Famous, but Known.

Founder Adam Goldberg explained that one of the goals of PopUp Bagels is to keep the operation simple.

“We don’t make sandwiches or slice bagels,” he said. “And you don’t have to wait in line.”

Richard Martin is the General Manger of the new PopUp Bagels at 12 Riversville Road in the Glenville section of Greenwich. April 14, 2023 Photo: Leslie Yager

Goldberg explained that the origin of his bagel-making stemmed back to the pandemic, when his family and cousins passed time by experimenting with sourdough.

“One day it was too hot out to make sourdough, so we made bagels for three days in a row,” he recalled. “On the fourth day our wives kicked us out of the kitchen. We became obsessed with bagels so we went around to the bagel stores in Fairfield County and didn’t like any we got our hands on. We liked ours much better!”

Goldberg said PopUp Bagels are unique in both their size and texture. He uses a unique proofing process for a crispy crust and an airy, chewy interior.

Also, the bagels are compact, a throwback to a former time.

“Like every industry in the food world, bagels have been slowly upsized,” he said adding that today, most bagels are 170 grams, whereas 30 years ago they were 80 or 90 grams.

After being booted out of the kitchen at home, Goldberg said the pop-up model was born.

It was so successful the business is pivoting to permanent locations.

Greenwich General Manager Richard Martin (left) with Manhattan location General Manager Robert Skversky. April 14, 2023 Photo: Leslie Yager

Why Glenville?

“We chose that location in Greenwich because we believe in operating an efficient kitchen and it’s just the right amount of space to bake for the neighborhood,” Goldberg said. “Having a pickup window means we can focus our energies on the product.”

What’s popular?

Goldberg said the “everything” bagels are the most popular, followed by the plain bagels.

“We have kids who eat our plain bagels like they’re donuts,” he said.

Even though Goldberg is moving from a pop-up approach to having permanent locations, he is holding onto the PopUp name as a nod to the origin of the business.

For now Goldberg recommends customers order at least a day in advance. All bagels go on sale Sunday before the following weekend.

While they don’t make sandwiches, they do sell cream cheese, butter and smoked fish.

Every week they have a different cream cheese flavor they add to their list.

“As we’re open longer we plan to lessen the amount of time in advance needed to order, but we are making the dough today for the orders we have tomorrow,” he explained.

When you order you have your choice of a dozen bagels – Sesame, Plain, Poppy, Everything and Salt – and two schmears. There are options to add extra schmears and fish.

Commercial realtor Diane Roth, who helped Goldberg find his location said, “Putting these specialty food businesses is what makes Greenwich so unique and now Glenville is in the spotlight.”

Pre-order your bagels online at: PopUpBagels.

Pick-up is from the window at the side of 12 Riversville Road, between Logos Greenwich and the 9th district Veterans Club.

New signage is in the works for PopUp Bagels at 12 Riversville Road. The pick up window is under the “Smoothies” sign.April 14, 2023 Photo: Leslie Yagerp