Hinoki on Greenwich Ave Menu Includes a Variety of Asian-style Cuisines Made for Sharing

Hinoki located at 363 Greenwich Avenue in Greenwich, held a soft-opening earlier this month. The restaurant features a long oak wood bar with high-top leather chairs, a sophisticated dining room with several spacious booths, and a private omakase experience room.

The restaurant’s name [Hinoki] comes from the Japanese cypress tree that was described as a “good tree for building palaces” in the Nihon Shiki, one of Japan’s oldest books. Hinoki is beloved for many reasons in Japan and boasts world-class qualities lasting over 1,000 years.

Created by the team at MIKU SUSHI in Connecticut and KUMO Sushi Lounge in New York, Hinoki opens at 363 Greenwich Avenue with an Asian-inspired menu featuring tapas-style appetizers and main dishes, outdoor, bar and casual fine dining seating, and private “omakase experience” room. 

“We originally planned to open Hinoki in September although the pandemic slowed us down by about eight months,” said restaurant Co-owner, K Dong.

K and his partner Chef Steven Chen also own MIKU SUSHI at 68 Greenwich Avenue which celebrated its second year anniversary in April, and KUMO Sushi Lounge located in Scarsdale, which opened in 2015.

“We’re really pleased with the outcome of the interior spaces and we hope the community responses well to our menu which includes a variety of Asian-style cuisines that were made for sharing,” he added. “Our plan for the private dining room is to really explore many styles of cuisine and invite guest chefs to collaborate. We’re still working on ideas that we look forward to sharing soon.”

Notable chefs from celebrated restaurants in Manhattan worked with the Hinoki team to develop special menu items for the tapas-style concept known as Izakaya in Japan. Sharable appetizers and main dishes are available for lunch and dinner seven days a week alongside top-shelf craft cocktails, exclusive sake, and whiskey. Popular menu items include authentic Dim sum offerings like soup dumplings. Additional items on the soft opening menu that are popular include bite-sized nori tacos, and main dishes such as prime ribeye steak, ginger scallion lobster, and a truffle rice hotpot with crab meat.

Please call the restaurant to make a reservation (203) 900-0011 and visit Hinoki online to view the restaurant’s menus.