What do Women Like about Fazio? A Lot

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In November we will all have some big choices to make. One vote that will be easy to cast is our vote for Ryan Fazio for state Senate for Greenwich, Stamford and New Canaan.

Ryan grew up in Greenwich, studied economics at Northwestern, and returned home to the district to begin his career in renewable energy. He spent his weekends volunteering at a charter school. The past few years he has written extensively about our state’s fiscal issues and possible solutions, was elected to the RTM, volunteered for local organizations and launched his run for the state Senate where he would have the chance to represent his hometown and the 36th district. As business owners, health care workers, teachers, volunteers, mothers, and residents of this community we support him.

Ryan was endorsed by the Stamford and Greenwich police unions. His opponent supported a bill, the Police Accountability Bill, in its full extent even though her own district police forces had real concerns. Ryan has taken the time to listen to and work with our local forces.

Ryan does not support tolls, a user tax that would hurt the middle class. His opponent was the first to submit a bill imposing tolls in Connecticut. Ryan, on the other hand, looks to tackle the transportation costs in CT that are some of the highest in the country.

Ryan wants to reduce wasteful spending and reform state employee packages. His opponent was silent while state employees received a 5.5% pay increase while unemployment stood at 10%. She also voted to exempt state employees like herself from a new 0.5% payroll tax. This is all important given that state employees are paid a 28% premium over similar private sector workers in CT.

Ryan supported our schools opening safely this fall. His opponent signed a letter on August 14th asking Governor Lamont to keep in person schools closed—but never alerted the public of her stance! Kids who are at very low risk from COVID need to be in school with precautions as our local Board of Ed and governor have said.

Ryan understands the state’s finances, which is vital for our state senator. His opponent admitted that she “has no experience in finance.” Our state legislature has been totally controlled by one party for 32 of 34 years. And our state is ranked among some of the lowest in some important categories. For example-CT is ranked 48th in the nation for fiscal health, and 47th in positive business climate. We want to see more debate, not less and more party balance in Hartford. Ryan’s opponent voted along party lines 96%.

What do we like about Ryan Fazio? A lot.

He represents a generation that our state needs to attract. He knows how to listen and get along with people and work across the aisle. In Hartford, Ryan will be a leader who respects all of his constituents, even those with whom he disagrees. It is very clear to us that in order to get things accomplished in Hartford, we need someone who builds relationships and is able to work side by side his colleagues, not below or above.

We hope you will join us in supporting Ryan Fazio for state Senate on November 3rd .

Marie A. Lopez-Reyes
Xae A. Reyes, PHD
Natalie Adee
Beth Allen Moore M.D.
Marianne Andersen
Carol Apuzzo
Nancy Armstrong
Suzy Armstrong
Nisha Arora
Emily Bajus
Barbara Bankson
Kate Bates
Louise Bavis
Kathleen Bellissino
Hope Bertrand
Andrea Blume
Shannon Bocchino
The Hon. Toni Boucher
Jenn Braverman
Sue Breen
Karen Brown
Eve Budkins
Jackie Budkins
Ora Burstein
Dr. Jill Capalbo
Laurel Carlson
Carol Caruso Ducret
Erin Chang
Julia Chiappetta
Marie Chiappetta
Rene Chronert
Mimi Citarella
Angela Colabella
Ashley Cole
Nancy Cooper
Yolanda Cortese
Allyson Cowin
Elizabeth Crehan
Bea Crumbine
Jill Curran
Audrey Davies
Patti Defelice
Helen M. Delago
Elizabeth Deluca
Fran Deutsch
Irene Dietrich
Cindy DiPreta
Dianne DiSapio Warzoha
Jennifer Donovan
Anne T. Drake
Stephanie Dunn Ashley
Elisa Esses
Liz Fagan Herman
Karen Fassuliotis
Concetta Fazio
Carol Fedele
Dawn Federman
Katie Fong Biglin
Sabrina Forsythe
Susie Foyle
Icy Frantz
Sunghi Frauen
Janet Freiheit
Suzanne Gabriele

Madeline Gadaleta Fazio
Marlene Gatz
Gretchen Gertsen
The Hon. Lile Gibbons
Susan Goodman
Jill Guzzetti
Bonnie Hahn
Janet Hamm
Hilary Haroche
Theresa Hatton
Erin Hedley
Kathy Heidt
Debra Hess
Susan S. Hinrichs
Katherine Hynes
Gillian Ingraham
Pari Janati
Pari Janati
Katie Johnson
Suzanne Jonker
Mary C. Kay
Carol Keane
Allie Keigher
Cary Keigher
Laurette Kittle
Jenny Larkin
Inna Lazar
Liz Leamy
Pavla Levin
Olga Litvenenko
Laura Logan
Linda Lombardo
Jenny Lundell
Bonnie MacDermotRoe
Beth MacGillvray
Tia Mahaffey

Paulette Marshal
Wynn McDaniel
Audrey McNiff
Giovanna Miller
Allie Moore
Linda Moshier
Donna Natale
Maureen O’Hora
Nancy Ozizmir
Carolina Palacios
Ellen Papincolaou
Patricia Parry
Nicole Pate
Shannon Pesce
Lily Piskic
Lisa Platt
Julia Posacki
Tina Pray
The Hon. Lolly Prince
Antoinette Quiqley
The Hon. Lauren Rabin
Rosa Rastegar
Cheryl Resnick
Anne Marie Romano
Diane Roth
Maria T. Ruggeberg
Linda Saleeby
Kimberly Salib
Heather Sargent
Chela Sasser
Melissa Sasser
Monica Sasser
Sophia Scarpelli
Jan Schaeffer
Deborah Schmidt Robinson
Britta Scott
Lisa Seglem
Kate Sibley
Sharon Sill
Millika Singh
Phoebe Slater
Heather Smeriglio
Jane Sprung
Janet Staplefield
Ronnie Staplefield
Jayme Stevenson
Joan Stewart Pratt
Kimberly Stowers Gibbs
Megan Sullivan
Leslie Tarkington
Jill Tighe Kelly
Alissa Tilly
Anitta Tilly
Annika Tilly
Katrina Tilly
Liz Tommasino
Eileen Tweddle
Dina Urso
Caren Vizzo St Phillip
Alexandra Walko
Carrie Wallack
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Whitney Williams
Heather Wise
Terrie Wood
Penny Young
Lihong Zhang