WASSERMAN: Please be kind to our local MAGAs

Submitted by Svetlana Wasserman

Folks, it’s campaign season, and I know that tempers can run a little hot. So I hope you’ll consider this plea for civility: 

Please be kind to our local MAGAs. 

Though they may call our public school teachers “pedophiles” and “groomers,” understand that this comes from a place of love. Yes,  many of them send their own children to private school, but they love your children too, and want to make sure your kids are educated in a safe bubble, free of masks, vaccines, dangerous books, or inconvenient facts that make us less than proud of our history. In fact, it would be better to avoid that topic altogether. Let’s just teach them math and science. Any other subject gets dangerously close to Critical Race Theory.

Yes, it’s true your public school 5th grader can spell better than the parents pushing back on  a “rouge ciriculum [sic].” But please understand that English class opens the door to all kinds of dangerous books, so let’s give them a pass on their spelling. After all, how can our professional educators’ years of instruction compare with the experience of each parent who knows what’s best for each of the thousands of students attending our public schools?

And when they accuse Democrats of “pushing an agenda that allows children to be “chemically castrated,” please don’t call them “far-right extremists.” This is very offensive and anti-semitic, because they feel this term links them to Nazis. 

Our local MAGAs are a diverse group represented by a wide variety of white wealthy mostly blonde people, so they are uniquely positioned to understand the struggles of people of color, immigrants, and LGBTQ+ individuals. Please do not call them racist. This is very offensive to them. 

And though they may wrap themselves in the flag and call themselves patriots, please don’t roll your eyes. Had you not been indoctrinated by seditious public schools, you too would understand how attempting to violently overthrow a democratic election is an act of patriotism.

In closing, the next time they share their concerns about “the Democrats … fully embracing open boarders [sic],” please think twice before hitting the “send” button on your response. Our local MAGAs have feelings too.