Walko: Bocchino has Experience, Philosophy and Compassion

I have an easy decision to make on November 4th.  Mike Bocchino is the candidate with the right experience, philosophy and compassion to represent us in Hartford.  It has been my experience that the best State Representatives are the ones that know their Town best.  As a lifelong resident, Mike knows Greenwich.  He understands the needs of each Greenwich community from Old Greenwich to Byram.  He knows the educational system, as a former student, parent and PTA President.  Most importantly, Mike understands the value of a dollar and the difficulties inherent in trying to raise a family in this State, a State that takes much more from the residents of Greenwich than it gives.

Fundamentally, Mike is fiscally responsible.  He is against the smoke and mirrors policy of raiding the State’s Special Transportation Fund to balance budget shortfalls.  He is against the current administration’s budget which added 490 new employees over the previous year.  Having served in Hartford, the notion that a Greenwich Representative should be part of the majority that continues to seek revenue from towns like Greenwich instead of looking for ways to reduce spending would be going in the wrong direction.  As I have stated before, we need Hartford to think more like Greenwich not the other way around.  Having known Mike for most of my life, I know that Mike is the candidate to make that happen.  Please vote for a better Connecticut…Vote Bocchino.

Stephen Walko