Tarkington: Floren has the background, network and knowledge of Greenwich’s great strengths.

Letter to the editor from Leslie Tarkington

Greenwich is fortunate to have an experienced State Representative for the 149th District with Livvy Floren’s drive, energy, and commitment to our Town and its residents. Livvy has been a volunteer for many diverse Greenwich institutions.

She has served as a school volunteer leader in the Town’s private and public high school systems, and as an elected member of the RTM and BET.

Her work with private and public organizations provided Livvy with the background, network, and knowledge of Greenwich’s great strengths, including its residential character and green space, and its dependence on contributions and third party financial resources to fund volunteer organizations and public school new construction projects.

Livvy delivers her support to Greenwich residents to preserve the quality of life that we all value. Through Livvy’s leadership at the State, she has been recycling residents’ state tax dollars back to Greenwich through programs such as Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP) grants to local non-profits including the Bruce Museum, the YWCA, and Neighbor-to-Neighbor lowering the need for donations to fund programs or support construction.

For the Town she has landed STEAP funds for dry hydrants and cisterns for back country fire protection and renovations needed by Nathaniel Witherell for its long-term care facilities. There are other examples where Livvy alone or teaming with the Town’s other dedicated State Delegation Legislators has returned our tax dollars back for reimbursement of construction costs of Nathaniel Witherell’s Project Renew or the four school construction projects, Hamilton Avenue, Glenville, Greenwich High MISA, and New Lebanon Schools.

Please deliver your support and vote Livvy Floren for the 149th State Legislative District Representative.

Leslie L. Tarkington

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