Letter: Greenwich Republicans Attack Challengers with Disinformation and Distortion

Letter to the editor from Gina Gladstein

Just the other day I received a mailing from Scott Frantz attacking his opponent Alex Bergstein. Much of the Greenwich Republican literature I have been seeing coming out of their campaigns suggest they believe in gun safety, environmental protection and support for families. They have attacked the Democratic challengers with a campaign of misinformation and distortion.

Now I must confess, I have been ignorant of my incumbents’ positions. But more recently, I have taken my civic responsibilities much more seriously. I have spent some time researching Greenwich Republicans’ voting records and I have come away disappointed.

On the issue of gun safety, yes Scott did vote for the bump stock ban, but he was also an integral player in the 2016 election of three Republican State Senators from other districts who all voted against the banning of bump stocks.

On the issue of the environment, he and his fellow Greenwich Republicans refused to support the clean energy pledge or protect water as a public trust resource.

He does not support marriage equality or increasing the minimum wage.

So what do we get with Alex Bergstein? She supports a socially liberal agenda but promotes the most forward thinking path to addressing our fiscal crisis. She supports lower corporate and income taxes. Repeal of the estate and gift tax. Restructuring the unfunded liabilities associated with our pension system and transforming our antiquated infrastructure.

On a final note, I personally found Scott’s language insulting. He labeled Alex, “confused”, “mislead”, “mistaken”. Women today are tired of being described in this way. And Alex is certainly none of these things.

So if you are interested in confronting our fiscal problems with smart, new, pragmatic solutions and want someone with a liberal bent on the social issues. I suggest you vote for Alex Bergstein.

Gina Gladstein

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