Susan Fahey: For BOE, Bernstein takes a respectful approach to others

Letter to the editor submitted by Susan Fahey, October 29, 2017

I am writing in support of BOE candidate Peter Bernstein.   I am neither a Democrat nor Republican, but rather an independent voter and 8-year member of the RTM.

My experiences and interactions with Mr. Bernstein have all been positive.  He is truly a caring and thoughtful candidate – he is always available to listen and always willing to learn all sides of an argument or concern.

His respectful approach to others and their values is precisely the quality we need in the person holding a chair at the Greenwich Board of Education!

Bernstein was extremely thorough and did his homework regarding a later start time for Greenwich High School.  I sided with him on this issue, advocating not a “NO” vote but a “NOT NOW” approach.  We both believed that gathering more information from all stake-holders and assessing costs before proceeding were the best plan.

As many of you know, we are now dealing with numerous busing issues, including timely arrivals and departures and overcrowding, and we’re scurrying for solutions to the lack of field space due to the loss of daylight hours.

My suggestion to ALL is to vote Peter Bernstein as one of your choices for BOE.


Susan Fahey
RTM District 11, Chair
Education Committee Delegate