Stone McGuigan: One Million and Counting

Submitted by Janet Stone McGuigan, Greenwich Selectperson

Two words on the front page of the Sunday New York Times:  ONE MILLION.  The number of Covid deaths since the onset of the pandemic.  A terrible milestone, and the count continues.  

Even before March 2020, my family, friends and I have been very careful, if not out of concern for our own health, then out of concern for others.  Nevertheless, at times I feel like the proverbial frog, headlines swirling about me like warm water.  Perhaps this is the fatigue Covid inflicts. Perhaps the statistics meant to educate public opinion are inuring. Perhaps other concerns have taken over.   

Then I was humbly reminded that Covid is still with us when I tested positive last week.   

I am grateful that my symptoms were very mild, noting I am fully vaccinated and boosted. I took a home test as soon as I felt a scratchy throat, but it was negative, and not until I took a second test the next day when my symptoms persisted did I test positive.    Thank goodness for Paxlovid and Zoom.  Not everyone has this luxury but, in my case, I was able to isolate until I tested negative, which took 10 days. In the legislative session that just concluded, Hartford passed a bill that allows remote public meetings, and I will continue to advocate for this option for all Town meetings.   

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our health care system and workers.  Two years on, hospitalizations are under control. But even if variants are less virulent, if more contagious, the sheer increase in cases can result in more deaths. Omicron proved more deadly than Delta. Covid is not a seasonal flu. With precautions in place, flu cases went down significantly.  These measures did not result in the same dramatic reductions of Covid cases.   

With the arrival of good weather, we should by all means get outside, socialize safely and experience some springtime joy.  But we should anticipate spikes and swells and respond accordingly until Covid is truly a thing of the past.  My brush with Covid motivates me to continue to be vigilant.   

Here’s wishing everyone good health.   

Janet Stone McGuigan 
Greenwich Selectperson