RTM Candidate Dawn Fortunato: Chickahominy residents deserve more from our elected officials.

Letter to the editor received Oct. 29, 2015

I am announcing today my candidacy for the RTM (Representative Town Meeting).

I believe district 3 Chickahominy residents deserve more from our elected officials in terms of visual appearance, upkeep, safety hazards and pollution.

We all recollect fly ash floating in the air landing on fresh washed linens, cars, and coming into our homes and soot on our windows.  Who can forget that mucky pungent odor of leaf composting?

It has yet to be cleaned; it’s proven harmful to our environment, Long Island Sound, but more importantly, the health of the residents and tax payers who live in the community.

We all deserve to raise our children and families in a clean community.  After all, we all breathe the same air!

Visit www.ccofgwch.com to read the research on pollution.

It’s time to clean up!  If you vote for me, I vow to pick up where Josephine Evaristo left off.

Dawn Fortunato

District 3

27 E on the ballot

DEADLINE FOR LETTERS TO THE EDITOR for Nov. 3 election is Friday, Oct. 30, 2015