MORIARTY: The Real Facts Show Republican BET Does Not Show Support for our Schools

Submitted by Leslie Moriarty, Democratic member and candidate for the Board of Estimate and Taxation

Don’t be fooled!  Despite a voting record that shows reduced funding for both operating budgets and capital projects in the Schools, the Republican BET candidates are writing letters and placing ads about how much they support the Schools.  

Crack monitor at Central Middle School. Contributed photo

Let’s review the facts on the Republican voting record:

Republican BET members used their tie-breaking vote to cut Central Middle School engineering study in this year’s capital budget.This study was intended to determine the condition of the building and a more detailed capital maintenance plan until a school replacement project is proposed.  Seeing crack monitors on the side of the building provides evidence that this was  a poor decision. 

Republican BET members used their tie-breaking vote to cut design funds for Julian Curtiss School Renovation two years in a row.  This project is intended to address issues with American Disability Act compliance, security, air quality, and inadequate support and educational spaces including special education services, media center, cafeteria in this Title 1 school.   These actions have delayed both Old Greenwich School and Riverside School renovation projects by at least two years. 

Republican BET members used their tie-breaking vote to cut $3 million from the Schools operating budget last year and instead approve a flat budget despite the fact that over 90% of the budget was subject to wage and contract increases of over 2% and there was an identified significant underfunding in special education.  So, one month into the COVID pandemic, the Republican members showed a total lack of support for the challenges the Schools were facing to educate our children. 

The Republican BET candidates want you to ignore facts and believe their rhetoric.  They will continue to ignore the Schools Master Plan, ignore the Board of Education’s input, ignore the identified need to bring our school facilities into the 21st century.  

Don’t give them that chance.  Vote for all 6 Democratic candidates for the BET and give us the tie-breaking vote!  Don’t be fooled! 

Deadline to submit letters for candidates in the Nov 2, 2021 Municipal election is Oct 26, 2021 at 5:00pm (one week before election)