Meskers: June is Time to Strive to Accept, Include and Celebrate

Submitted by Steve Meskers

This June we should strive to accept,  include and celebrate.

The Stonewall Riot occurred in 1969 when Gays in New York had had enough of violent police harassment.

From that day in June, the fight for justice and fairness has  moved forward in fits and starts.

Now, more than ever, the LGBTQ+ community needs our support as we see states around the nation pass discriminatory laws that aim to instill fear and cause real harm.

After many years of hard-fought progress, it is incumbent on us as allies to stand with our LGBTQ+ loved ones in saying we will not go backward, but want communities where all people are welcome and included.

So when we talk about a more perfect union, we are mindfully still a work in process.

This month Gay Pride Month acknowledges and affirms our willingness to confront part of our past intolerance and the looming threats in other States.

We here in Connecticut acknowledge and support a part of our community that even today suffers slights and injustices. Now finally before the law, simply and firmly, here we can say that Love is Love.