Marzullo: Anthony Lopez will bring fresh ideas to the Greenwich Board of Education

The following was submitted by Selectman Drew Marzullo on Oct. 11, 2015

Please join me in voting for Anthony Lopez, another great candidate for the Greenwich Board of Education this November 3rd. I know him to be a true advocate for implementing policies that are not only practical, but policies that work. He is passionate about giving a voice to all students and families, and to closing the achievement gap.

His experience in the classroom, and as a former Dean,gives him a unique perspective on what ideas and strategies will work best for our students.

Anthony is a new voice for education in Greenwich, and will bring fresh ideas to the BOE. He has the energy necessary to advocate for policies that will work. It is important to have someone on the board who not only has experience working in schools, but who has firsthand knowledge of how board decisions impact our students.

Please consider Anthony Lopez as one of your choices to serve on the very important education board.