LETTER: Ya got trouble right here in River City (Greenwich)

Submitted by Monica Prihoda

To the Editor:

I listened via Zoom to the RTM meeting this week and the vigorous debate on whether the Town should accept two grants to bolster our election process.  

The vote was taken, the grant (item 10) was approved.  I thought that was that.

The next morning I learned that the vote was contested as flawed.

The Moderator announced that yes the vote was accurate.

The First Selectperson announced he would not sign or approve the vote as it stood.

Two songs came to mind:

1). “We got trouble – right here in River City” from “Oklahoma!” and

2) “Under my thumb”  from the Rolling Stones.

The first song refers to trouble right here in Greenwich.  The second to a First Selectperson seemingly beholden to the loud, very vocal group of election deniers and the like.

I served two terms in the RTM volunteering to do my civic duty.  In my learning curve I once or twice did not get my vote in on time and thus it was not counted when all votes were called.  I learned from this experience to pay better attention to the running clock.

If “the clock” is held indefinitely to feasibly ensure that every RTM member votes, I suspect those meetings will run into the wee hours of the night.

I respect the dedication of the volunteerism of all RTM members and commitment of their time to making Greenwich a good place to live.

There will be healthy disagreements – hopefully civil – as we would expect from adults and what we teach our children.

RTM: Let the vote stand.  First Select Person:  sign it.

Monica Prihoda