Letter to the Editor: Bocchino Has Integrity, Diplomacy

letter to the editorDear Editor,

This is a letter on behalf of Mike Bocchino, the Republican candidate running for Connecticut’s 150th district. I have known Mike for over twenty years and have had the opportunity to experience his hard work and achievements over this period. Mike is a Greenwich resident who grew up in the community in which he works, raises his family, and fights so hard to preserve.

Being the President of the Byram Neighbor Association is one example of the hard work and dedication it takes in order to make one’s community a better place to live. His countless hours and meetings, as well as plans for the Byram community have been vital to the survival of this small community. Living in Byram for the past nine years it has become apparent that his voice has made many positive changes in our community, whether it be a traffic issue, parking, or zoning issues, Mike has been at every meeting allowing a voice of our community to be heard.

Mike has also been President of New Lebanon PTA and has been involved with the multitude of issues which have been present with this particular school. He has spent countless hours trying to help solve many of the issues which plague a small community school/New Lebanon. His knowledge of the Byram population and issues with funding and racial balance has been paramount in his campaign to improve New Lebanon School and allow it to flourish. Mike also serves on the Byram Pool committee and the Greenwich Preservation Trust and has the ability to understand many of the issues present in this district.

Raising his children in the community gives him a great motivation to allow them to stay in this wonderful community. Mike has a great deal of integrity and diplomacy and fights for what he believes and he is extremely consistent with his stands on issues. He will fight for us in the 150th district. I would like to pledge my support and urge the constituents in the 150th district to back this incredibly hardworking individual who cares about our community and has given many hours to us. He not only understands our needs, but also realizes our needs firsthand by having a family which has grown up in this community we call home.


James A. Brunetti II, D.O.
Cos Cob

Note: The deadline to submit letters to the editor for the Nov. 4 election is Oct. 29, at 9:00am.