Letter: Virginia Burton’s “The Little House” Published in 1942 Resonates Today

Letter to the Editor from Joanne Clark, Old Greenwich Oct 4, 2017

Re: 143 Sound Beach Avenue Development

Who was Virginia Burton? Time has shown that her career as an author of children’s books was only the beginning.

There is a reason she won a Caldecott award for The Little House, first published in 1942 and still in circulation.

Virginia Burton told stories about real life that children could understand and talk about. Those children included you and me, and our children and our grandchildren. Apparently, we have all forgotten. Think about the 143 Sound Beach Avenue in Old Greenwich proposed development as you re-read Virginia Burton’s The Little House.

This wonderful and caring story is told through the eyes of an original little house that watched the city grow up around ‘her.’

Feelings and emotions will be stirred. Perhaps the P&Z will re-evaluate the proposed development requests in our Town.

Virginia Burton probably had no clue that her gentle story would take center stage 75 years later, but with a message for adults.

Where will we go when our Town no longer wants us? How will we explain this to our children?

Respectfully submitted
Joanne Clark
Old Greenwich