LETTER: The Killing of Tyre Nichols

Submitted by Monica Prihoda, Greenwich

To the Editor:

I commend our Greenwich Police Chief James Heavey for his statement on the brutal beating which ended in the end of a life – a young man named Tyre Nichols who was born black just as I was born white.

Greenwich, as elsewhere, is unfortunately full of inpatient, reckless drivers:  rampant speeding, running stop signs and red lights, obvious texting…many of whom are “white” people of all ages.

This horrific killing made me think of how many of these “white” people would end up with the same fate as Tyre Nichols and countless other black people and people of color made “famous” by these cruel, angry acts of violence perpetrated against them.

It made me consider what I might feel if I were black and stopped by a cop?  But I don’t have to:  I have white privilege not to even think about it.

But I do now and have for some time.  Do you?

Monica Prihoda