Letter: The Gun Issue, Leadership, Scott and Alex

Letter to the editor submitted by Monica Prihoda, RTM member district 6, Old Greenwich

To the Editor,
Another mass shooting, this time in a temple of peaceful worshipers yesterday.

I am voting for Alex Bergstein for CT State Senator because she is on the record to upholding and strengthening CT gun laws.  The gun issue is  among many other leadership issues on which she has taken a clear position.

I was Christmas and Hanukkah shopping when I received a phone call that 26 Sandy Hook elementary school children, teachers and administrators were shot to death on December 14, 2012.

How many others have we witnessed since then?  How many times have we heard “our prayers are with the victims and their families?”

That depraved act and laws that allow individuals “the right” to bear multiple war machines and other guns called for action.  The action I took, which I never had before, was to go with a group of friends to Hartford to plead with our CT legislators for stronger, common sense laws that would minimize these acts of domestic terrorism.

One of those legislators is Senator Scott Frantz.  I am sad to say Senator Frantz was not a leader in the effort to tighten Connecticut’s gun laws.  In the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre his response to us was “I’m considering it.”  He signed on when he saw which way the wind was blowing. That is not leadership.

That is why I am voting for Alex Bergstein for Connecticut State Senator and all other candidates who will strengthen our gun laws.

Enough is enough.

Respectfully yours,
Monica Prihoda, RTM Old Greenwich District 6

Note: The deadline for letters in support of candidates in the November 6, 2018 election was Monday, October 29, 2018.

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