Letter: The Freedom of Your Voice

Submitted by Reverend Liz Wold, Greenwich, Feb 2, 2019

Greenwich is being destabilized by national politics that is gnawing at the foundations of this town, not unsimilar to an infestation of termites. Oh, these folks might not have been visible right off, but as time has progressed the timbers of Greenwich are progressively being eaten away. What we discover if we look carefully and pay attention is a subtle campaign funded by outside sources with a very specific agenda. This is true at the federal level, and is now here at the local level. Without blinking voters anxious for CHANGE, fill in an oval on a ballot, and electronically the people who are citizens and have worked for this community for years are replaced not with local experience or understanding of this community, but with a version of the way life in Greenwich ought to be that is not relevant to this town, it’s needs or it’s citizenry.

There is not a whole lot wrong with the Town of Greenwich run appropriately by its elected officials and town employees. Each department functions with a knowledge of the town. It is not served by outsiders who have decided to relocate here to deliberately disrupt the way things work. I cannot but question the motives of persons who now loudly proclaim to know what is correct for Greenwich echoing the national screaming and yelling coming from the bully pulpit of federal politicos. And if people do not pay attention to what is happening, we will find ourselves overrun by rhetoric that will destroy Greenwich and everything that it means to our way of life.

Negative evaluations of an idea or individual deliberately express a bleak, decidedly biased picture of what is wrong with our daily existence. It is classic wag the dog: the media is employed as a powerful tool to manipulate the public. Also, there seems to be a deck of 52 cards that are played conveniently to squelch anything or anyone that gets in the way of this disruptive group of people. Reporting evolves as biased disregarding it’s purpose. Journalism is defined as : writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation.

There is no objectivity in a lot of reporting of town events. How easily a situation is manipulated and distorted when it ought to remain centered so that a dialogue and discussion can exist. We used to be able to express different opinions. Now it seems our right to say something is quickly squelched by a news outlet or individuals opposed to an idea, event or controversy. It is censorship. The presumption that an individual NOT be permitted to express his or her self is anti American. It’s just plain wrong.

It is up to each citizen to realize how damaging political maneuvering is, to recognize that the grab for power is not necessarily in the best interests of the town. It is up to each of us to understand that we do have the right to express ourselves, to have our own opinions, to interact peacefully with those with whom we do not agree, and to determine who we choose to govern our town.

Reverend Liz Wold