LETTER: Thanksgiving Plea For The Turkey

Letter To the Editor from Neil Wolff, Greenwich

Yes, the day of Thanksgiving is for being appreciative and grateful for the many items in our lives.

However, one key holiday tradition in the 21st century persists with the turkey.  Instead of admiring, appreciating and safekeeping these beautiful and majestic birds – ironically we kill and eat them. Perhaps it’s a naive wish but it would be more symbolic of thankfulness to reverse this custom.

And unfortunately, so many of these turkeys, in their very short lives, are plagued with multiple health problems while lingering in confined factory farms (bred via artificial insemination).

You don’t have to be a vegetarian to not eat any meat one day a year – there are many Thanksgiving meatless websites that show how.

It would be great if on the 4th Thursday of every November we spared the suffering and lives of millions of fellow animals on earth.

Neil Wolff
Greenwich CT