Letter: Stowe is Pro-Education and Pro-Public Schools

Submitted by Dana Gordon, RTM District 8

When Greenwich Public Schools lost yet another Superintendent – 12 in 21 years, to be exact – who led the Board of Education’s Search Committee in finding and hiring the incomparable Dr. Toni Jones on short order and under favorable terms?

Kathleen Stowe.

When Greenwich Public Schools’ budget was slashed by $3M this past spring, who rolled up her sleeves as Chair of the BOE Budget Committee and Vice-Chair of the BOE and got to work, collaboratively and creatively, to find COVID-related efficiencies while simultaneously utilizing a bus contract rebate to stave off a massive teacher layoff?

Kathleen Stowe. 

While our country grapples with a global pandemic and our schools shuttered for 6 months, who worked tirelessly and with multiple interests to safely reopen all 15 of our schools for in-person learning, making GPS a leader compared to other peer districts with (as of this writing) our 9,000 GPS children currently thriving in week seven of in-person, hybrid and remote learning simultaneously?  You guessed it…

Kathleen Stowe. 

In good times and in bad, Kathleen has been there for our schools. Not only that, but she has risen to the occasion, even during these unprecedented times and she will continue to be there for our schools.  Kathleen’s children attend our schools and therefore she knows our schools intimately as only a parent and stakeholder can.

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican or Unaffiliated, if you are pro-schools and pro-education, please vote for our schools’ strongest supporter and ally, Kathleen Stowe, on November 3 so that she can continue to advocate for public schools and public education in Hartford!