Camillo: Vandalism to and thefts of political signs is improper and is being investigated.

On Monday, Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo issued the following statement regarding the recent spate of vandalism to and thefts of political signs:

“The recent vandalism and theft of political lawn signs is improper and is being investigated. This is something that will not be tolerated here in Greenwich. These signs, no matter what our personal thoughts are, have been paid for by someone and shall not be touched, defaced, or taken.

“If you see a sign that you believe has been improperly placed or removed, please report it to the Greenwich Police Department by calling the non-emergency number: (203) 622-8004. If caught doing any of the aforementioned actions, you may be subject to arrest.

“I believe in our Constitutional right of freedom of speech, and have not and will not condone the removal of political signs by anyone, including Town employees.

“Let’s continue the tradition and time-honored participation in the political process by advocating for issues and candidates, but do so with respect for all sides of an issue and candidacies. We all love our Town, State and country. Let’s extend that civility towards those who don’t share our opinions, politics and even views on sign policies. Please remember, we are neighbors and friends before, during, and after elections.”