LETTER: Stowe is a financial whiz and skilled negotiator.

Submitted by Brian Mass, Chief Financial Officer, RTI Group of Companies, Westport, CT

I am writing to offer my wholehearted support for Kathleen Stowe, the Democratic candidate for the Connecticut House of Representatives 149th District.

I have known Kathleen for 22 years since we started our post-college careers as analysts in Salomon Smith Barney’s / Citigroup’s technology investment banking group in New York City.

As way of background, an analyst program at a global investment bank is the rigorous training ground for many financial executives and is known for its fast-paced nature and long hours, typically averaging 80 hours per week. Kathleen was highly regarded during her tenure at Citigroup, recognized for her strong attention to detail and deep financial and analytical skills.

Kathleen designed complex financial models for and supported her teams on numerous successful public offerings of equity and debt as well as corporate mergers & acquisitions.

Important clients also recognized Kathleen’s talent, often consulting her directly, which was uncommon for a junior team member. She made transaction processes more efficient, benefiting the client and her colleagues. I also saw how Kathleen maintained her composure in
stressful situations as there were numerous difficult issues and personalities that she managed at such an early stage in her career.

Following Kathleen’s tenure at Citigroup, we remained close friends and also collaborated on potential transactions as she went on to a successful career in private equity. It was always a pleasure to work with Kathleen as she resolved problems during the course of a transaction and found solutions that work for parties on both sides of the table. I have no doubt that Kathleen’s willingness to understand the needs of all parties has made her so successful in all aspects of her life.

As I have known Kathleen for many years, I am proud to state that Kathleen is an incredible mother with strong family values and a commitment to the education of her children.

During these difficult times, I know that Kathleen will consider the voices of all the people in her district and will represent them honorably to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard in the state capitol.

Kathleen is a driven individual and will work tirelessly to make a difference. She is a financial whiz and skilled negotiator; she also has the warmth, insight and judgment that our state needs in our leaders. I cannot stress enough my confidence in Kathleen.

Brian Mass
Chief Financial Officer
RTI Group of Companies
Westport, CT

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