LETTER: Speeding on Cut Through Streets to Tod’s Point Is Real Safety Concern

Letter to the editor submitted by Monica Prihoda, District 6, Old Greenwich

To the Editor:

Safety has become a major safety issue in Old Greenwich on both Highview and Park Avenues as increasingly both streets become primary cut throughs to avoid Sound Beach Avenue traffic.

Our beautifully paved new streets include “regulation” 3 inch raised speed bumps. The smooth pavement enhances speeding and the reality is that these speed bumps, along with unattractive warning 25 MPH and “Bump” signage DO NOTHING to stop cars speeding.

Pedestrian accidents have occurred as recently as this morning!

When residents from both avenues email The Traffic Department we are told that regulation will not permit higher bumps and police may be posted – temporarily from time to time as they have been in the past – to no avail.

Twenty years ago a Highview neighbor and I got together a signed petition from Highview residents for speed bumps.  We went to The Traffic Department.

We were told regulation would not permit bumps!  Highview was given 25 MPH traffic signs instead – and even then we asked for 15 MPH. The speeding continues to date even with signs, subsequent speed bumps and accidents.

These are not cranky complaints from curmudgeons with nothing else to do.

They are legitimate residents’ safety concerns confirmed by accidents.

If speeders don’t respect safety, signs and low, ineffective speed bumps, then other measures must be taken to provide safety for the greater good.  More and higher bumps and fences on side streets perhaps?

As a Founding Father said:

“Nothing is written in stone. “Regulations can and should be changed to embrace safety and popular opinion.

Monica Prihoda, District 6, Old Greenwich