LETTER: Re Elect Carmella Budkins for Town Clerk

Letter to the editor from Nicole Pate

My first trip to the Town Hall was in 1986 to get a copy of my marriage license. It was a frustrating experience. There was one person working in the office, and for 45 minutes she complained to me about how busy she was. She had been sitting at her desk having coffee and danish. I interrupted her. I was the only person that walked in, and the phone never rang, but yet I had to listen to this woman complain about how overworked she was.

I never wanted to go to the Town Hall again, but then in the mid 1990’s my company needed to file a form with the SEC and we needed a notary public. I passed the test, and then had to go to the Town Hall to have this recorded. I walked in and Carmella Budkins came right up to the counter with a friendly smile and said, “Good Morning”. I didn’t know anything about notary procedure, and she took the time to not only sign my paperwork and swear me in, but she also explained my responsibilities to me. She was so cheerful and helpful that I no longer dreaded going to the Town Hall.

She has the experience and demeanor that we need at the Town Hall.

Submitted by
Nicole Pate